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Villa Arcadia  San Juan del Sur   Nicaragua


The largest country in Central America with coasts on both the Pacific and the Caribbean, known as the "Tierra de Lagos y Volcanes," one cannot miss the mountains, equestrian culture, beaches, jungles and more. Although Nicaragua is a developing country and currently going through political strife, it is the safest country in Central America and safe-as-usual for visitors. Nicaraguans are known for their warmth, kindness and live-and-let-live personalities. In fact, their slogan is "I love you as you are."  Young or old, luxury or budget, there is a place and an adventure for everyone who visits.

For your introduction, below are a few videos to give you an idea of the possibilities and beauty of Nicaragua. Enjoy, learn, then drop us a note for your stay in the most comfortable guest house in San Juan del Sur, Villa Arcadia

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